Who Am I?

I Am Your Father.

Star Wars. A classic, beautiful, intricately woven tale.

I decided to do Darth Vader because he is one the most memorable villains in history (and I am obsessed with everything Star Wars). For much of his on screen time however, his children do not know who he is to them. So, I decided to photoshop a silhouette of Darth Vader instead of a picture of him as symbolism of the complexity of his character and the secret truth he realizes – Luke and Leia are his children. ┬áSince the silhouette is black, I wanted the words to be a matching black as well. The clear rectangle formed by the words in the textbook disrupted by the silhouette creates a nice sense of unbalance. Lastly, I think the simplicity of the poster helps tie it all together.

Overall, I believe it turned out pretty good. I might even print out the poster for myself.

End result:

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