My Final Thoughts

What value do you see in tools like the Facebook and Twitter ad tools where you can quickly determine a market?

Facebook and Twitter are both extremely useful and effective methods of advertising. These ads reach a large amount of people, particularly in the younger demographic, who are in or about to go into their prime spending years. Moreover, these ad tools are easily affordable to large and small businesses.

Did your market size surprise you at all?

No, I was not that surprised by my market size. 

Starbucks has a huge market size and has over 23,000 operating stores around the world.

Juiceries and juice bars are also a very popular trend that go hand in hand with yoga, spinning, pilates and other trending methods of exercise. The popularity of juice bars stems from the world’s need to cleanse, nourish and detox the body.

Did doing a market analysis change your perspective on the appropriate messaging?

I am pretty familiar with Starbucks and juice bars, so the market analysis did not change my perspective on the appropriate messaging.

How would you evaluate the effectiveness of a social media advertisement campaign? What is success?

I would say social media advertisement campaigns are somewhat effective. Personally, when I am on Facebook or Twitter and see ads, I usually scroll past them without looking into purchasing the product. However, I do believe they are effective at putting a brand name or product in your head. Repetition of this helps with spreading brand awareness over brand loyalty, but these companies have to start somewhere.

My campaign ideas for both Your Main Squeeze and Starbucks should work. Especially the campaign for Your Main Squeeze since there is no existing juicery on Campus Corner. I would be interested to see the results of both campaigns, though, and whether or not they were successful in increasing awareness and revenue.

How do the affordances and limitations of social media design (character limits, types or artwork) change your design process?

The affordances and limitations of social media design helped me get to the point – deliver the message and deliver it clearly. Sometimes I have a hard time with this because my sentences can be slightly wordy. These assignments helped me be more concise.

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