Mad Designs. Mad Skills.

Brand: For this assignment, we had to use our Twitter account as the Twitter account for a new business of our choosing. I decided to go with a tattoo artist. To clarify, I have never in my life given anyone a tattoo before. And to further clarify, I do not believe that ever in my life I will want to give someone a tattoo. But I do love art, and I have sketched tattoo designs for my friends. My design business is called MdMs (Mad Designs. Mad Skills.). I thought it sounded edgy but classy.

Tweet: MdMs offers original, carefully drawn tattoo designs. Click here to check out what we do

Potential Artwork: I would definitely use picture of the artwork I draw for people. Doing so would also help me gain credibility and trust as a company if people could see the end results. I want people to be curious to learn more about my company so I will include pictures of artwork in my tweets as well. I find that pictures help attract the eye more so than words and my goal is to build engagement.

Audience and Reach: My intended audience is males and females ages 18+. I wanted my primary audience to be as large as possible for better business opportunities. Moreover, artwork itself is very versatile and tattoos (if 18+) are an option for everyone. Even though MdMs is a relatively small business, it is based in the city of Houston. And we expect a daily reach of 16M-23M.

Budget: The budget for this ad will be $3 a day from August – September. A maximum budget of $93.


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