It’s Your Main Squeeze

Brand & Objective: A store I would love to see on Campus Corner is a Juicery. In the morning or after a good workout, stopping by a Juicery to get a kale smoothie or an açaí bowl certainly hits the spot. They’re fresh, filling and good for you. The store would be called “Your Main Squeeze,” and the objective of this campaign is to bring happy, natural and hearty options to campus and promote a healthier lifestyle. There are plenty dessert type stores – Hurts Donuts, Epic Pops, Apple Tree Chocolate and now Baked Bear, but there are not any types of Juicery stores. I strongly believe a Juicery on Campus Corner would be quite the hit.

Headline: Drop by Your Main Squeeze for refreshing, all-natural and tasty smoothies, detoxifying juices and more! A healthy body brings a happy soul.

Text: Your Main Squeeze, new to Campus Corner, offers a large selection of smoothies, detoxifying juices, power shots and açaí bowls. All are made with local and organic ingredients. We love our customers and want them happy and healthy. Let us help make your day better.

Button: Get Juiced

Artwork: The artwork will be a simplistic but vibrant style, emphasizing a happy and healthy glow. Some juice names I came up with include –

“You Don’t Have to Concentrate to be Healthy”

“Only the Best Get Juiced”

“Start Your Creative Juices”

“Let that Man-go, and Grab a Hold of This” 

Who is the audience and what is your reach (use the Facebook Ad Creator to calculate reach. Note it will require you to create a page)?

Audience: My main target audience is individuals years 18-24 (more or less). Since Your Main Squeeze is located on Campus Corner, I am aiming to attract first college students and then people living in Norman.

I determined my target audience by doing research. While a normal juice consumer is generally someone with higher income, Hispanic and upper middle age, the juice and smoothie bar trend targets consumers who are from a younger demographic and active, health gurus always on the look out for the newest açaí bowl. Some of the keywords I used for targeting were “healthy,” “juicery,” “cleanse” and “juice bar.”

Budget: My budget for this Facebook ad will be $5 per day, and they will run from August – October and April – June. The total cost is $915.

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