For my last week and last assignment in Ad Copy + Layout, I decided to do a series of three posters. I placed jpeg files of all the work I’ve done this semester in a collage and then I used Photoshop to place those collages in the text. After, I used InDesign to create three simple posters and added “Discover Your Creativity” in the corner of each poster. I wanted to add this sentence to the posters because I truly feel like this is what the course allowed me to do – discovery my creativity.

The course format was good and easy to follow. Journaling every week was interesting and I appreciate that I can go back on my blog to see how I’ve progressed over these last eight weeks. I enjoy writing for a public audience because it makes me want to give 100% and show my audience the best I can do. I am very thankful for all this course has taught me. And I know for certain these skills will come in handy in the near future.

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