A Ford-able

For this assignment, we had to design a campaign where we turned the brand name into an adjective. The brand I decided to go with was Ford, and I turned it into “A Ford-able.” Something I have always associated with the brand Ford is they produce reasonably priced, reliable life-long cars. I myself have a Ford Escape, and I have driven my car on long road trips, through flash floods and downtown Houston. Suffice to say, my car is very accommodating to different settings, and Ford definitely gives more bang for your buck.

For my three pieces, I decided to do the F F-250 and the Ford Escape. I wanted to create my ads similar to the style Ford uses – clean yet impactful. It was very fun putting everything together. I used images from pexels.com for the backgrounds and the font/accent colors I used were Ford Affordable. Durable. Remarkable.” And the catch phrase “Trust us to see you through”┬áto go along side it. Meaning Ford will be there for you and with you through the journey, the trip and life.

Overall, I thought this assignment was very fun. I enjoyed coming up with campaign ads for Ford based off of the adjective I created from its brand name.

End results:

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