Good Feels Like…


Brand: I decided to do Starbucks and the new campaign it recently launched “What Does Good Feel Like?” The campaign introduces three new flavors of shaken iced tea beverages, all of which are made solely from fruit and botanical blends. “Good Feels Good,” and Starbucks is trying to emphasize the natural taste and goodness of this line of iced tea, which contains zero artificial sweeteners or flavors.

Copy (tweet): So Good It’s Worth a Few Bucks. Discover the goodness at

Artwork: For artwork, I had in mind a black a white photo of one a Starbucks customer with the “Good Feels Good” phrase on it. To the right of the photo is a sentence from the person photographed when he or she was asked the question “When was a time you felt good?” I made sure to use people who would be within Starbucks’ primary audience, and I thought the black and white photo made the “Good Feels Good” phrase really stand out and catch the viewers attention.

Audience:  Starbucks’ primary audience is men and women around the ages 20-40. I learned this through looking at the demographics of Starbucks’ followers on Twitter. Moreover, The Motley Fool and Houston Chronicle also report similar findings for Starbucks primary target audience. This age groups accounts for almost half of Starbucks’ total business.

Budget: Using the advertising tool on Twitter, I would like to run these advertisements from July – September for $10 per day, making the total cost of this campaign $920.

Credit: I used photos from Pexels as well as the Starbucks logo and photos of its beverages.