For my last week and last assignment in Ad Copy + Layout, I decided to do a series of three posters. I placed jpeg files of all the work I’ve done this semester in a collage and then I used Photoshop to place those collages in the text. After, I used InDesign to create three simple posters and added “Discover Your Creativity” in the corner of each poster. I wanted to add this sentence to the posters because I truly feel like this is what the course allowed me to do – discovery my creativity.

The course format was good and easy to follow. Journaling every week was interesting and I appreciate that I can go back on my blog to see how I’ve progressed over these last eight weeks. I enjoy writing for a public audience because it makes me want to give 100% and show my audience the best I can do. I am very thankful for all this course has taught me. And I know for certain these skills will come in handy in the near future.

From the Top

Going back and reading all of my blog posts was very interesting. I can see through each post that I have grown as a writer and distinguished a more unique voice. The first few of my posts are very formal and as they go on it is easier to create a personality and character through my tone. Moreover, I can see through my blog I have grown as a designer as well.

I believe I significantly grew this past semester as an advertising practitioner through my computer skills – particularly Adobe software. At the beginning of this course, I knew close to nothing about Photoshop, but now I have numerous Photoshopping skills. I also was very unfamiliar with making short films and ads, so the brand storytelling video was quite the learning experience (a good experience).

A specific project I was proud of and spent a lot of time doing were the “A Ford-able” three series advertisements. Although some parts of the text were a little difficult to see, I was very proud of the outcome and my idea for the campaign. I also really enjoyed redesigning the book cover.

A project I wish I had had more time on was the brand storytelling video I did for Nike. I loved doing this assignment and I loved the concept I was advertising. I wish could have worked on the video longer because there are still some minor details that bother me, but I did not have time to do the research and figure out how to fix them.

Overall, I’ve really enjoyed this course. I would definitely recommend it simply based off of all the vital skills you learn.

The Game Plan

For my final summary of learning I decided to design three pieces of a print advertising campaign that will recruit someone to take this course. I decided on this specific medium mostly because I love to design using InDesign and Photoshop. The layout design aspect of this course was very fun for me, and I wanted to give it one more go.

Since the assignment is a summary of all that I have learned, I wanted to make posters that demonstrate what I’ve learned to do throughout this course. The three poster series will feature all my finished products from the challenges in the background of the words “Ad,” “Copy” and “Layout.” To do so, I will be placing images in the text using Photoshop and then design the poster using InDesign.

The three posters all work together because when placed next to one anther, they spell out the course name. The idea behind the three posters is to promote the course with its end results.

Where to Now?

Throughout the course of high school and after two years of college I have had a lot of experience with blogs. I also have had a lot of blogs. The difference though, between this blog and my past blogs, is the content. I find it much easier to use this blog frequently due to the fact I’m blogging about things I truly care about.

Creating a blog for this class has been a valuable experience and I will definitely utilize it beyond this course. My blog showcases all the different Adobe products I have used and all the different things I am able to do with them. Moreover, it shows my creativity and design style – two very important things for companies to understand and see. From here on I would like to add my blog to my website, and possibly upgrade it to a personal website instead of a WordPress site. I also would like to redesign my website. I do have an “About” page, but I do not yet have a “Contact Me” page. I realize how important this is and I am going to add one once I have an official website.

Overall, this course was a very good experience. I learned a lot of skills through the tutorials and challenges, and I learned a lot of facts through the module links and textbook. I believe maintaining a blog is important because it shows growth. And I am going to try my best at maintaining this blog.

Choose Wisely

For this assignment, I had to brainstorm three possible stories that could become brand storytelling videos.

Story One – Old Folks Home

Who are the characters? Who is the main character or protagonist? Are there supporting characters? An antagonist?

Old folks (men and women) in a retirement home. The main character and protagonist is Joe, a 75 year old African American man. The antagonist is age and a lack of self confidence in capability.

What is the conflict? What are they attempting to overcome?

Who’s first to the buffet line? They are all attempting to beat one another.

What is the setting?

A retirement home in the cafeteria area.

What imagery are you using to convey either the conflict or the brand values?

Walkers, canes and slippers to show age. Shuffling of the feet to  show a lack of mobility. Joe wearing the Nike shoes. Age is no excuse. Just do it.

What brand values is the main character portraying? How is that conveyed in the resolution?

Nike’s core brand values are performance, authenticity, innovation, and sustainability. These core values are conveyed in the resolution because it shows Joe who is 75 years old and is still capable of fitness and living life fully.

Story Two – Nike for Life

Who are the characters? Who is the main character or protagonist? Are there supporting characters? An antagonist?

This commercial is separated into three segments. Each shows a different stage of life. The main character will start as a 4 year old, then grow to a 21 year old and lastly a 50 year old.

What is the conflict? What are they attempting to overcome?

The conflict is the challenge of being active through every stage of life.

What is the setting?

All three settings consist of a soccer field.

What imagery are you using to convey either the conflict or the brand values?

Playing soccer through the ages. As a small child first, then as a college athlete and finally a coach for his or her child.

What brand values is the main character portraying? How is that conveyed in the resolution?

The brand values the main character is portraying are sustainability and  determination. The resolutions shows this person has kept up with health and fitness his or her whole life.

No one said it was easy. Just do it.

Story Three – Go

Who are the characters? Who is the main character or protagonist? Are there supporting characters? An antagonist?

The main character is one person – a runner.

Antagonist is every excuse for not working out.

What is the conflict? What are they attempting to overcome?

The challenge to use your body.

What is the setting?

The setting starts in a neighborhood and then quickly flicks to 10 different neighborhoods in 10 different countries. The ending scene flashes back to the initial scene and shows the main person jogging off.

What imagery are you using to convey either the conflict or the brand values?

Running all over the world. Self confidence, determination and sufficiency.

What brand values is the main character portraying? How is that conveyed in the resolution?

Nike’s mission is to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world. If you have a body, you are an athlete. I am conveying this message through this 30-second ad.

Fitness is everywhere. Just do it.

And My Decision Is…

Nike is an American corporation that works to design, develop and manufacture footwear, clothing, equipment and services for worldwide marketing and sales.

Nike was originally founded as Blue Ribbon Sports on January 25, 1964. However, on May 30, 1971 the company was renamed to what it is called today. Nike was founded by Phil Knight, a University of Oregon track athlete, and his coach, Bill Bowerman. Initially, the company functioned as a distributor for a Japanese brand of shoes, and Knight would sell them at track meets from his car. It was in 1971 when the famous Nike Swoosh, designed by Carolyn Davidson, was first used.

Nike’s mission is to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world. If you have a body, you are an athlete. Nike’s core brand values are “Performance, authenticity, innovation, and sustainability. These are the drivers of substantially every business decision the company makes.” Nike has committed “to building deeper community connections and spurring positive social change around the world.” In 2014, the brand was valued at $19 billion. This makes Nike the most valuable brand among sports businesses. Moreover, Nike is the largest sportswear manufacturer in the world.

I think people like Nike because of the quality of the product, and I believe a lot of people have acquired a sense of brand loyalty because of Nike’s continued success in manufacturing, designing and developing the best. Moreover, Nike’s mission to inspire and generate innovation gives the world – gives people – a sense of self confidence and importance.

Documentary: A Guide to Puerto Rico

For this assignment we had to create a short, 30-second documentary. I decided to do a guide-style documentary on Puerto Rico. This past winter break I studied abroad in Puerto Rico for two weeks. It was wonderful to experience the culture through its food, people and festivities. Since I had a first hand experience of traveling Puerto Rico, I felt like I could do an accurate job at portraying the beautiful island.

This documentary highlights important monuments, restaurants, celebrations, artists and beaches. From all the pictures I took while in Puerto Rico, it was difficult to chose which ones to feature in the video. I wanted the video to inspire exploration and evoke curiosity. Moreover, I wanted the video to look clean and professional enough it could be used by a travel agency.

The most difficult part of this assignment was cutting the video down to 30 seconds. Initially, my video was 2:30. It took quite a while, but in the end I was able to accomplish 30 seconds.

Watch the video here.

Cheers to you, John Robert.

For this assignment, I was tasked with creating a video on someone who is special to me. Making the video was harder than I expected. I used iMovie to create it, and I do not have much experience with the application.

I decided to create my video featuring my father – John Robert Payne, because he has made a huge impact in my life (both my parents have). He has always been there for me, and he and my mother are my own personal fan club. Coaching my softball games in elementary school, attending all of my soccer games and laughing at all things inappropriate – those are just a few things he has done for me and with me.

I wanted watching the video to seem like flipping through a photo album, so the transition effects I chose were “swap” and “cube.” The song I chose for this was “Watching You” by Rodney Atkins. I know this song is about a father and his son, but the song itself is sentimental and the audience is able to understand the message.

Watch the video here.

Mad Designs. Mad Skills.

Brand: For this assignment, we had to use our Twitter account as the Twitter account for a new business of our choosing. I decided to go with a tattoo artist. To clarify, I have never in my life given anyone a tattoo before. And to further clarify, I do not believe that ever in my life I will want to give someone a tattoo. But I do love art, and I have sketched tattoo designs for my friends. My design business is called MdMs (Mad Designs. Mad Skills.). I thought it sounded edgy but classy.

Tweet: MdMs offers original, carefully drawn tattoo designs. Click here to check out what we do

Potential Artwork: I would definitely use picture of the artwork I draw for people. Doing so would also help me gain credibility and trust as a company if people could see the end results. I want people to be curious to learn more about my company so I will include pictures of artwork in my tweets as well. I find that pictures help attract the eye more so than words and my goal is to build engagement.

Audience and Reach: My intended audience is males and females ages 18+. I wanted my primary audience to be as large as possible for better business opportunities. Moreover, artwork itself is very versatile and tattoos (if 18+) are an option for everyone. Even though MdMs is a relatively small business, it is based in the city of Houston. And we expect a daily reach of 16M-23M.

Budget: The budget for this ad will be $3 a day from August – September. A maximum budget of $93.